Having to choose a career path is just as difficult choosing where to start it. You have to align it to your passion, to how you’ll possibly reach both your professional and personal goals. Most of all, the hardest is where exactly you’d decide to render service, knowledge, time and effort to actually hone further your skill-set for that growth. Believe it or not, mine starts at HOME.

An opportunity knocked at my door exactly one-year ago and I’m just as glad I didn’t “shooo” it away like how I would normally do. Having been referred by a former manager from a huge banking firm we both used to work for, I was surprised HOME CREDIT PHILIPPINES is an aggressively growing company nationwide in just a short period of time. Discovering more, it’s part of the Home Credit Group expanding not just in Asia but across the world.

Here are Five Reasons we simply cannot deny why HCP employees continuously contribute to massive success of Home Credit Philippines:

1) Great Service

Apart from the service that Home Credit provides in the Philippine market, the intention and opportunity that it offers to the Filipinos is truly exceptional. It’s one of the firsts that provides financial assistance you would never have imagined possible from any financial firm, reducing all the risks lending in a fast and easy way.

Hey, no credit cards needed! Just few valid ID’s, you can get that smartphone & appliances you ever wanted and pay it in installment! Now tell me, how cool is that?

Fortunate to claim, I’m part of the service helping my fellowmen getting what they want, being part of the company that ensures quality and satisfaction of their clients.

2) Awesome Managers

Never have I expected energetic managers being your cheerleaders, at the same time good mentors. Usually managers are supposed to be boring, odd and just there getting paid to scream at you “BlahBlahBlah *insert human language*” that you just want to be brutal with them when they go to sleep.

These HCP managers are really people you’d look up to and say “Hey, I will be like you someday” *so keep talking and coach me what I need to know (never say the last part tho if you don’t want to get fired). They let you grow and learn from each opportunities laid in front of you. They just challenge the best in you.

3) Friendly Working Environment and Competitive People

Where can you find a workplace that literally feels like HOME? I’m used to old banking environment not minding anyone’s business, really darn boring and excruciating. Also, didn’t I mention I’m not people’s pick as I am socially selective?

Suddenly the HCP environment changed that in me… Now, I smile back to people at work. I know, it’s creepy. Most employees also strive for excellence which is scarier thinking they just randomly smile at you.

4) Culture Projects

Apart from compensating their employees with monthly bonuses and salary. They ensure work-life balance of their employees (with short attention span), HCP projects will surely take your mind off excessive work through outreach programs and embracing the Philippines’ culture with different activities at least once a month. MORE FUN IN HOME CREDIT PHILIPPINES!

5) Incredible Company

Never have I settled for something less when I know I can have the best. If I see no growth, I don’t waste time. But hey, still on my race to more than a year and learning a lot, still not sick of the people’s faces and surely still love working for truly world-class HCP.

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