Drafting the first few words would always be a struggle for me. I have no sense of direction. My fingers are just good pointing out destinations over the map and my mind set will always be on the road asking “where to go?” “What to do?” and “for how long will I stay in one place?” Only good with words if I am to ask “Where’s nicest place to get a tea or the best local food around? – because darn, am hell hungry!” or telling the locals in the most annoying manner “Uhm, I’m a bit lost…can you tell me what part of the planet am I now?” To cut it short, I’m better a traveller than a writer. If this post will ever get to be published, this must be a success not deleting words just by the moment I finished typing them in – I’m so proud of myself! (giving positive affirmation to self – yes people, loving your own, who else will if you won’t?) -___-

Envious of those bloggers who “travel to blog” and write things about their experiences in their so called “paradise”, I will always stay a wonderer how they can be able to keep up travelling and writing at the same time. Wether overselling a place or not, they have captured the whole experience through their letters and not just through their lenses. Letters and lenses – a perfect match to let the world knows what an experience a travel blogger had. I am such a big fan of these people, as I don’t know how they manage to do these two things at the same time. Wondering how they could even enjoy the place, because if it was me who travels to blog, most of the time I’d be thinking “hey, that seems nice, I have to share that on my site!” – and then I’ll just ran over the edge of a cliff doing a near death pose just to materialize what mind tells me posting soon in the world wide web.

I’m no travel blogger, I travel but I consider myself more of a wanderer (wanderer of life that is) and if I am to write a narrative about the places I have been to and how I see the world through my eyes’ lenses it would probably be rated PG – because so far my chances of writing things in a good way given all the benefits of being a millennial (from having easy access to social media, fast transportation and just as easy as swiping to get accommodation and just write about the whole story) for some reason I don’t know every time, like a porn star I just blew it.

To encapsulate the experience through writing would probably be the best gift I would give myself. To publish it, is probably a check list item next to suicide – social suicide that is, with all the mean grammar Nazi lurking around, dream stealers and social pessimists who seem to comment negativity for past time that may feast on the posts saying “Ewww, wrong grammar… -__-“ . However, these people who give constructive feedback are not even the reason hindering me from writing my encounters. Perhaps self-motivation is one factor, confidence (maybe) and I just wander too much that I forget about everything, even how to spell words when I get too enticed having the chance to explore a place first hand – chatting with locals, experiencing the culture, tradition, religion and feasting on their delicacies. Exploring alone keeps me too occupied to even take photos and blog about my experiences even if I badly want to, what a pity right? I can’t seem to make time for it.

Also, it is always to my amusement how these travel bloggers, writers in general, be able to put the right words together that actually make sense. While over in my writing it feels like I’m reading a narrative written in pre-historic language that doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s like I’m trying to express the unorganized thoughts on my head that seems to have sex creating new thoughts and again, just hardly trying to write it in a universal language hoping someone will also get my crooked thinking.

Travel blogs will always be an inspiration for most of us – they light up the fire that’s in you all this time without you knowing. I will always be “fangirl…ing” these posts up until I realize I read the same articles over and over. I will always admire the talent and effort of people behind those travel sites in existence – wether the good ones (that make you crave and let you hop on the next airbus to experience the same thing just after reading their article, that’s some real talent there!) or those most people consider annoying and non-sense (these inspire us to not do the same thing). I admire them for their passion and how good they deliver on what they do or for some just their mere guts posting something. It takes more than just a pen & a paper (or a laptop/desktop), more than just a place to capture it with your lens and document ones’ travel experience and sharing it with the rest of the world. It takes passion, wit, talent, time, courage and hard work to actually inspire your readers and drive them to do the same thing. So, cheers to them for inspiring us all!

As for me, I think I’m better of a wanderer… I may not be like them that travel to blog and inspire us all, rather I will enjoy my time to just explore the world to wander and wander to learn. Will explore life at its finest, discovering how beautiful it is and how great it could be. Perhaps, the only time I will write as good as them is when I decided to pass down my experience to my future great grandchildren – so far that doesn’t gone into me yet.

So this is my blog post, the first and perhaps the last… just wanted to wander http://www.com too you know, for experience before time passes me… and I also learned that I’m bad at it, so ciao! LOL was a great experience folks!

Hope you guys have a great day!

See you when I see you!

(Perhaps on the next bus, train, ship or plane ride you’ll have – don’t run away from me, okay? And please no tomatoes. Thanks! ;>)

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